Sunday, January 24, 2010

100123 Saturday Group WOD

Work with a partner to complete 5 rounds for time of:
While one partner completes:
200m Farmer's walk (30-50# dumbbells)
The other partner completes:
400m sprint + 20 pushups
Partners switch.
Partners have to depart transition area at the same time.

A warm and friendly group did this workout together on Saturday..thanks for coming out and working incredibly hard for 24+ minutes!  Great to see Sgt. Dew Wallace- Army Ranger back in town... I am pretty sure that Robert worked especially hard being partnered up with Dew!  Check out Dew's website- he is currently a grad student in exercise physiology and coaches humans in the Boston area to move functionally with lots of power while out in the elements!

Great to meet Paul and Kathleen- both out to do their first CrossFit WOD.  Luke- a new addition to CrossFit Malibu- came out for his first Saturday workout- and maintained incredible grip strength while carrying those 40# dumbbells 1 kilometer!  Good to see Rob and Merle up really early to make it on their first Saturday morning experience.  And although they missed the group picture... Malibu Raquet Club up-and-comers, Davis, Savannah and Brita expressed some power over the 2 mile course today.  Kendra and Kathleen had the only 3 person team today... baby # 2 out on the course for his/her first distance workout at the ripe young age of 3+ months in utero.

Priscilla and Brita on the Cross Creek Road section of the Farmer's Walk... they pushed each other while swinging leads on each of the run and carry portions of the workout!

Manali and Savannah mid-way through the WOD.

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