Monday, May 23, 2011

Tuesday 110524 No Chipper Today!

At 7am Monday, Tracy took first draw from the stack of 6 WODs and pulled the chipper.  Great combination of movements and for most people, a novel addition of dumbbell ground to overheads... many did these for the first time after having done many hang dumbbell cleans in the past.  Tuesday's draw will happen bright and early before the 6am WOD.  For those of you attending later in the day, see if you can simply show up to your given class without finding out in advance.  It is a good practice in patience, and perhaps more important- a great chance to just do what is put in front of you... and sleep well in not knowing!
Jess and Deana chip away at the overhead walking lunges.
Tuesday's WOD:
It WON'T be the Chipper! :)

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