Monday, July 11, 2011

Tuesday 110712 Fast 21-15-9er

So far we are one-for-one on the "Every Met-Con Under 10 Minutes Week."  All athletes on Monday kept it to the 7 minute (+/- a minute) time domain.  As this implies, this week is dedicated to the short and fast time domains.  Of course, you should totally understand by now that this does NOT mean the week will be easy!  It means that you are being asked to PUSH HARD and grind it out.  Mentally set yourself up to understand that your head will play tricks on you to slow down.  Don't be fooled. You can do this!
Heydee blasts through 40 KB swings.
Tuesday's WOD
21-15-9 reps of:
105/85kg Deadlift (50% 1RM)
60/40kg Overhead squat (50% 1RM)
Post times and scaling to journals/chalkboard.

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