Sunday, August 21, 2011

Monday 110822 5 Rounder

Here is a sneak preview of CrossFit Malibu's Fall Fitness Fiesta... yes, that's "fiesta" as in "party."  If you think that a one night party is good... you'll agree that a TWO MONTH long party is even better.  Right in time to correspond with Back to School, End of Summer, Back to the Grind- whatever you want to call it- it will start right after Labor Day as we begin our third year bringing fitness, strength and conditioning to our Malibu Community.  You will get details as August draws to a close... just start ruminating on the the idea of "fitter than I've ever been."
citius altius fortius... regardless of age, gender, genetic predisposition
Monday's WOD... brought to you at 7,9,10am, 5,7pm plus Underground Strength at 6pm
Five rounds for time of:
60/40kg Overhead squat, 5 reps
10 Toes to bar
40 pound dumbbell Hang squat clean, 15 reps
20 Double-unders
Post time and scaling to journal/chalkboard
.Dave Lipson 9:03, Kristan Clever 14:04 

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