Sunday, November 27, 2011

Monday 111128 Max Reps Annie

 What an amazing past week and holiday weekend... turkey, sunshine, floods, weddings, parties, beach activities... but what about WODs?  Did you get in a few?  We had a REALLY big group in for the Friday morning pre-wedding WOD and then many at Low Tide for the Run/Walk... but I am wondering WHO is going to finish off the final few days of November by hitting a few hard?  Get in here!
Aidan from CT crushes a 250m row.
Monday's WODs: classes at 7,9,10am and 5, 7pm.  Strength with Ondrej at 6pm
"Max Reps Annie"
5 Rounds for Max reps of
Double-unders and Sit-ups
With a running clock do:
2 min max double unders, 2 min max sit ups, 90 seconds max double unders, 90 seconds max sit ups, 60 seconds max double unders, 60 seconds max sit ups, 45 seconds max double unders, 45 sec max sit ups, 30 sec max double unders, 30 sec max sit ups

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