Monday, January 9, 2012

Tuesday 120110 Row and Push Press

Those of you who attended yesterday's class should have gone home with your HABIT SLIP... a strip of paper with this week's habit that you have committed to: X number of WODs/Week.  This paper is to be put in a location to remind you of your committment... AND to check off a box when you complete each daily habit.  As each week passes, a new habit will be added.  Pick up a slip each Monday when you drop off the slip from the previous week.  Also remember to keep your space on the Habit Accountability Board up to date.  Thanks for taking these steps... small daily steps leads to big long term progress.
Gayle and David work the overhead shoulder stability.
Tuesday's WOD: classes at 6 and 9am, 4 and 6pm.  OnRamp session #1 at 5pm- newcomers only.
For time:
Row 300 meters (or Run 250 meters)
65/45kg Push press, 20 reps (taken from ground)
Row 300 meters
65/45kg Push press, 15 reps
Row 300 meters
65/45kg Push press, 10 reps
Row 300 meters
65/45kg Push press, 5 reps
Post times and loads to journals/chalkboards.

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