Monday, January 16, 2012

Tuesday 120117 Heavy Squats and Mini Murph

A cool Pacific Ocean breeze meets up with early morning heat spilling over from the Valley.  An orange glow drags the sun from the horizon, the moon setting in the west, rabbits scurry for cover as you pick up the pace down a banked dirt trail and up a rocky outcrop. 

It was VERY difficult to get out of bed over 45 minutes ago, especially on a Sunday.  "The ONLY day I get to sleep in" reverberates so forcefully that it ALMOST kept you under the covers.  Yet you remembered what it was like the last time you fought the urge to remain horizontal... and made it to a CFM dawn patrol trail run.

Coming in late February.... Event #2 in the CrossFit Malibu Trail Race Series.  Date and location soon to be revealed.  Commit to it now... worry about dragging yourself out of bed later.
Somewhere on the Backbone Trail... early on a Sunday morning.
Tuesday's WOD: 6 and 9am, again at 4 and 6pm.  OnRamp at 5pm.
Front Squats
5-5-5-5-5 at 80% 1RM
For time:
400m run
30 strict pull ups
60 hand release pushups
90 squats
400m run
pull ups/pushups/squats can be partitioned in any way
Post load and finish time/scaling to journals/chalkboard.

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