Monday, January 30, 2012

Tuesday 120131 Back Squat Heavy

Super Spartan was this past weekend and we had a few CFM athletes compete in Temecula- and I have only really gotten a report on the kids finishers- Dane and Reef  (who were accompanied by their dad-Gabe and mom Tabby, respectively).  They completed all obstacles and finished the course in about 3 hours-EIGHT miles with a plethora of hills!  But they were prepared by training at CrossFit Malibu Kids- in the final week, some sport specific training with a parkour run thru the park and a water/bucket carrying WOD.  Congrats Malibu Spartans- I know it will be even more fun with the rest of the Kids Team can get out there with you.  More on adult finishers as that news comes in.
Dane and Reef in training at CFM.
Tuesday's WOD- 6 and 9am then again at 4 and 6pm.  OnRamp final class at 5pm.
Back Squat
then a finisher
Post loads to chalkboard/journals.
Reef and Dane ready to race.

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