Friday, April 13, 2012

Saturday ZUMA Yoga Meditation/WOD

ALL classes will be held at Zuma Beach tomorrow.... you might have heard or seen- that we took down the Hut's Annex room yesterday in anticipation of flooding (that never manifested) and have lots of clean up to do.  So- The yoga class will also be moved to Zuma... AND it has morphed into more of a beach meditation session.  Following the session- the 10am class will get started.  Join us for one or both.
No more flooding... the rainbow told Hallie so.
8:30-9:45am- light stretching and meditation.  Bring a towel to put under your yoga mat.  Bring a blanket or another towel to wrap around you.  Wear warm clothes, a hat-etc.  We will bring a few extra yoga mats if you do not have one.

10:00-11:00am- Beach WOD.  Wear workout clothes but bring a towel, a change of clothes and some water.  Most people will choose to wear shoes- vibrams work well in the sand.

LOCATION- here is what I am going to do(read: YOU should do this too): drive west out to Trancas, do a U turn, then head east on PCH and park on PCH near as possible to a restroom.  Look for our cars... Kristin's light blue Highlander and Mike's tan, late-model Mercury Grand Marquis d'Sade.

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