Monday, May 7, 2012

Tuesday 120508 Fun 12 minute AMRAP

We love Big Mike of CrossFit Tulare... he was Intern #1 at CrossFit Malibu, he can lift heavy, run fast and jump really high.  He says, "It doesn't have to be fun to be fun."  What do you think?  Is that true, not true, partly true, totally false?  Whatever feelings or thoughts arise in your mind mid-WOD... negative talk about how you might ever finish... ideas you have of giving up... or positive feelings of accomplishment... "I can DO it"... Try and have FUN.  Try laughing out loud when you hear Robert groan on the rower... smile when you see somewhat make a ridiculous face when lifting heavy... it is FUNNY and it is FUN!  This in no way diminishes the FACT that it is difficult.  Good thing it works so well, right!?
Look at the smiling faces!
Tuesday's WOD: classes at 6 and 9am, 4 and 6pm.  Kids class at 3:15pm. 
**No kids classes NEXT week!**
Weighted Pull ups
As many rounds as possible in 12 Minutes of:
200m run
30/20kg Barbell Curls (yes, you read that right!), 15 reps
10 Lateral over-the-barbell burpees
Post loads and number of rounds/scaling to chalkboard/journals


  1. It's a good thing I don't actually know anyone named Diane, because I might have to defriend her after last nights WOD

  2. It's our favorite wall quote at CrossFit Tulare.