Thursday, July 26, 2012

Friday 120727 Tabata

Yet another FUN CFM Open Night- with Every Second Counts scoring.  And as promised, we will have a screening of this 2009 classic at the Hut in early August.  SO, coming soon to a CrossFit Theater near YOU.

Some excellent effort put forth last night.  4 PARTS: Helen, a 750/650m row for time, sled pull push 2x10m at 160/80# and the finale was 20 reps for time of power cleans 55/30kg with a squat each 3rd rep.

Our winner was Jason- rolling right out of the bar off the plane from a business trip and into the competition.  Final WOD time of :58.  CRUSHED it.
See the scoring chart below to analyze all the data.

Friday's WOD- classes at 7,9,10am and again at 3 and 5pm. tabata warm ups today (see WOD and you will know why!)
3 sets of 8 RDL
5-5-3-3-3 Touch and Go Deadlift, 3 second hold at TOP
after some warm ups, get up to roughly 60% of 1 RM
Tabata "Fill in the Blank"
For Max Total Reps (and calories):
Tabata Weakness A^
Tabata Weakness B^
Tabata Row*
Tabata Air squat*
Post total number of cals+air squats to chalkboard.

^BTW- if you slack off and "game" the first 2 sets so that your row/squat scores will be high, you are only sabotaging yourself.  Remember, Tabata Weakness post-testing is coming next week:)  Big brother is watching.

*Depending on class sizes, this order may be altered.

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