Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thursday 120802 Clean and Jerk/Ring Row.

Have you wondered- if CrossFit is all about "constantly varied"- why do we row 500 meters to warm up before each WOD?  The short answer: nobody ever said, "warm up with a 500m row everyday"- but it is something many have become accustomed to doing.  A slightly longer answer: rowing is a simple, low impact way to get blood flowing and energy working in all major joints and muscle groups.  It prepares the body in general, for more specific warm up.  So- do you HAVE to row every day? NO.  In fact, for the month of August- if you want to row... show up a few minutes early and get it in (of course, working around others if there is still a class in session).  Otherwise- we will begin each class with non-rowing, dynamic movement.  At one minute after the hour- we will, instead, get RIGHT INTO a group warm up.  These will be constantly varied-like our group warm ups typically are- and will introduce you to a variety of different ways to get prepared for more specific WOD-related movement skills and warm ups.

ALSO- August is officially Mobility Month.  More time spent with the bands, lacrosse balls and foam rollers- more time ON THE CLOCK getting those tissues supple and sliding smoothly.  A dedicated set of mobility drills and movements will be added to each class session.  Then in months to come- you can take the drills that target your specific issues- be it a need to increase ankle flexibility, fix the front rack position, improve shoulder mobility for overhead squats, and more!
Erik passes some stones in strength class
Thursday's WOD times- 6 and 9am, 4 and 6pm.  Fundamentals class at 8am
For time, complete:
25 Supine ring rows, feet on 16" box
50/35kg Clean and Jerk, 5 reps
20 Supine ring rows, feet on 16" box
60/40kg Clean and Jerk, 4 reps
15 Supine ring rows, feet on 16" box
70/45kg Clean and Jerk, 3 reps
10 Supine ring rows, feet on 16" box
80/50kg Clean and Jerk, 2 reps
5 Supine ring rows, feet on 16" box
90/55kg Clean and Jerk, 1 rep
Post time and loads to 
Yes you must change weights during the WOD, avoid adding more than one piece of iron at a time, change out to bumper plates at each 10kg jump.
Make a plan for your C&J weights, have needed plate arranged and ready to go.

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