Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thursday 120823 1RM Deadlift

A BIG day, today is!  Big weights, a big BBQ, a big time famous movie (ehem...about CrossFit) and a BIG Bon Voyage to Kathleen.  She will be with us for some weeks... but we wanted to have another reason to celebrate her before she and her husband, Bruce, move to Ojai.

Regular morning classes, then the evening will work like this:
4pm Group WOD
5pm BBQ set up- you may begin arriving and preparing your food for the 6pm show... 
6pm show is the 6pm Group WOD- watch and cheer your friends on to PRs as you eat steak...
7:15 movie screening of Every Second Counts.

We will provide some drinks, a side dish or two to share, and fire... you can bring something to grill and if you'd like to bring something to share... that's great.  Bring friends, bring the family (movie is not completely kid-friendly with use of "immature language")
Ken completely his first muscle-up WOD... 21 reps in all!
Thursday's WOD: classes at 6 and 9am, 4 and 6pm.  Fundamentals class at 8am.
spend duration of class working up to 1RM
  • take 2-3 minute breaks between your heavy singles
  • get focused, set up your lift with tension, "make" every lift.
  • work up to the singles with warm up sets of 5-5-3-2 reps (roughly)
  • the goal today is to hit a new 1RM if you are feeling good.
Post heaviest rep to chalkboard, journal AND to the PR board/s.
Compare to May 31, 2012 (CFM Open II)  and November 2, 2011

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