Thursday, January 24, 2013

Friday 130125 Color Me Mine

CFM In-House Open Part 8 was, as anticipated a major success on all accounts.  Ollie ran a seamless night- 6 Heats of competitors through 3 different WODs, a total of 22 athletes in all. The night included an increasing Fran Ladder of 6 minutes (thrusters and pull ups)- pictured below is Jon, a newcomer to CFM locking out a thruster in the final seconds.  Next was a 3 minuteAMRAP of  heavy 10 rep deadlift/ 5 double under sprint where Julie pressed through a number of rounds nailing each double under (her FIRST ever happened tonight, and they were multiple in all).  To finish out the night, was max rep Hang Power Snatch in 90 seconds.  Might as well put some of that technique work to use, right?!

And, actually, to finish out the night was Event 4... the tasting competition.  Everyone was a winner!  But really, Kolby and Chantal finished with the most points for all 4 combined events- excellent work and congrats.
Go Jon!
Friday's WOD: class times at 7, 9, 10am and again at 3 and 5pm.
15 min snatch tech work
-then-Choose your own 21-15-9, do it for time.
Pick 2 movements, one should be a rather heavy barbell movement... The other just needs to go well with that movements.  The target time domain is roughly 10 minutes.  Today, not only will you get physical exertion from doing the WOD- but you will get some mental stimulation of programming your own WOD.  Coaches will be standing by for assistance.

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