Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thursday 130117 A Few Good Girls

Below is Trisha, working on developing her overhead squat.  Trisha has been a member at CrossFit Malibu for over a year and has shown great gains in fitness is all areas of the domains we train.  Her running ability and fitness and ability has gone from pacing out 400 and 800m runs with equal sections of walk/run ratios to being able to finish a few of each with in a workout with out any walk breaks.  She has taken MINUTES off her mile run time.  Like may developing athletes, she has had a few set backs- most notably some nagging elbow pain- but during the peak of those problems, she continued to come in and train around injuries- always showing progress.  Some of Trisha's strengths are rowing and front squats as well as putting the barbell up overhead.
We have been host to Trisha and her husband Tom a few times as we have run a few  WODs in their backyard- including a Saturday TEAM WOD with at least 25 participants...THANKS AGAIN!  Trisha has chosen a novel focus to fulfill the SIGN-UP challenge... by taking roller blading lessons (with our own Deana:).  Maybe she can teach her son Jax to roller blade soon.  Keep at the hard work, the dedicated attendance, and most importanlyt- keep having fun!
Trisha works on the hang power snatch to overhead squat
Thursday's WOD: class times at 6 and 9am again at 4 and 6pm.  Fundamentals class at 8am.
5 rounds AHAP, not for time of:
1 squat clean, 2 push presses, 3 front squats
As heavy as possible, post heaviest set to chalkboard.
For time, any order desired:
8 Rounds of Cindy 
3 minutes rest
1 round of Helen (rowing helen for 6pm class is the best choice)
3 minutes rest
1/2 Karen
Post time to chalkboard

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