Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wednesday 130213 Snatch and OHS

Preliminary information for the Whole Life Challenge will be collected in each class this coming Friday Feb 15th. This pre-test data will be used to compare to post-test data taken on day 55 of the challenge.  While 50% of your total score in the game is taken from the point totals you report each day, the remaining 50% are taken from these changes in prelim data.  Improvement in workout performance accounts for 25% of the total score and improvement in body changes accounts for 25%.  Make up for all data collection is this coming Saturday 9am.  Show up as if you are attending a regular class

The workout:  the pre/post WOD will be released on Thursday night.  Easy- it IS the actual workout of the day on Friday the 15th.  Regardless of whether or not you do the challenge, if you show up to train on Friday, you will do the WLC pre-test WOD.

Body changes: the measurements we have elected to take for the purpose of score keeping are 1.) body composition (% body mass- lean vs fat) via bioelectrical impendance which entails simply standing on a scale barefoot. 2.) Two different tape measurements- waist circumference and glute circumference.  Both of these are very free, fast and non-intrusive as compared to other methods.  Yes there are more accurate measurements- but they are costly, take lots of time and involve things like holding your breath in a big tank of water and subjecting your fleshy bits to caliper pinches.  The numbers you get are not made public, but the percentage change is.  We also highly recommend taking pre-photos and also getting any other pre-data/information so you can record change over time (Wellness Fx is a blood test of MANY factors which you might consider).  Remember, we never want to show the "before picture"... UNTIL the "after picture" turns out to be amazing... so take that before shot (just remember not to auto-upload to Facebook).

In order to be eligible for the prizes, you need to register for the Rx "as prescribed" division and need to participate in ALL of the pretest data collection.  Of course, you can do as much or as little of the WLC as you want- you will see benefits as long as you put some effort into it.  Consider jumping in with both feet.
Ellie hugs the corner on the beach obstacle course.
**Saturday Schedule: 7am Trail WOD, meets at Bluffs Park at 7 sharp- think running and bodyweight movements, 9am WLC Prelim Make up class at the Hut, 10am Team WOD as usual at the Hut

Wednesday's WOD: class times at 7, 9, and 10am and again at 4 and 5pm.  Strength class at 6pm.
Tabata: air squats
20 minutes to gradually work up to heaviest set of:
Hang power snatch, 3 reps
Overhead squat, 5 reps
For time:
500m row
25 back burpees, touch hands to pull up bar
400m run
Post heaviest set of snatch/OHS and WOD time to chalkboard/journal.

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