Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thursday 130321 CFGames WOD 13.3

Well, for all of us who did the Open last year- we have a surefire way to measure our fitness ove rthe past 12 months, as WOD 13.3 is the same as 12.4.  One reason why CF is such a great program is that we have measurable, observable and repeatable workouts to test our fitness is a variety of ways- and all we have to do to test our fitness in a given set of movements is to set up a WOD that we have done before- using  precisely the same variables- and do it again.  Sounds a little bit like a lab experiement... and it is!

Anyone who will be judging this WOD today- PLEASE read the judging guidelines.  The only critical change from last year, is that there is a tiebreaker timing rule (just like the burpee/snatch WOD).  Judges need to write down elapsed time that each block of movements is completed.  Again, read the guidelines for details.

WOD considerations:
If you have never done 150 wall ball shots for time (also called "Karen"), it is fairly grueling- particularly if you haven't done it with the Rx weight, to the Rx height, under Games Standards Judging (full squats and perfect aim).  Your goal MIGHT be simply to finish the 150 reps in 12 minutes.  Your method SHOULD BE: pace it out!  Do not go out full throttle- but rather do a certain number of WB shots in a given time period.  For example- 15 shots per minute and you would complete the entire "Karen" with 2 minutes remaining to get as many DUs as possible.

If you already have a PR time for Karen in the 8-9 minute range and remember what you felt like when you did it- you MIGHT realize that it would be better for your double unders to take "Karen" in manageable chunks and then have some energy left for trying to get deep into the double unders.  Unless wall ball shots are your BEST movement... you will likely do much better to set a do-able pace and to stick with it.

For you athletes who have a good grasp on both wall ball shots, DUs AND already have a history with muscle ups... you want to make sure you have enough time to get in some of them!  Even 1 muscle up will separate you from the pack.  

Having said that... LISTEN UP those of you who have NEVER done a muscle up.  While it might be very romantic to get your first muscle up in 13.3... my professional coaching opinion is that trying to get a muscle up for the first time after "Karen" is NOT a smart call.  If you have never gotten one while fresh and under the most ideal circumstances- pushing yourself to get one after "Karen" is an injury waiting to happen.  
Holden and Hendo hitting 12.4 last year.

There were a few CFM members who posted guesses of what WOD 13.3 would be- and most predicted correctly that double unders would be involved somehow.  But this week's big money winner is Madison- she guesses DUs AND wall ball shots.  So congrats Madison- you get the money in the can!
Madison takes home the cash.
Thursday's WOD: class times at 6 and 9am, again at 4pm.  
Fundamentals at 8am (adapted 13.3 WOD).
The Big Show at 5pm... with dinner to follow
As many reps in 12 Minutes of:
150 Wall ball shots (20# at 10'/ 14# at 9', Masters: 20# at 9'/ 10# at 9')
90 Double unders
30 Muscle ups... and if you finish, repeat back to WB shots
Post total number of reps to journal/chalkboard/CFGames Open site

Fundamentals WOD:
As many rounds in 12 minutes of:
6 Wall ball shots 
6 pull ups
32 Single unders- jump rope

Finally- a rough overview of Mike's 12.4 planning and execution last year:
Do 10 consecutive wall ball shots every 30 seconds.  That means if it takes 23 seconds to do 10 shots- then rest for 7 seconds and then begin again at the 30 second mark.
Finish 150 wall ball shots in 7.5 minutes.
Do 3 sets of 30 double unders, which will likely take about 30 seconds, plus 10 seconds of rest between sets finishing at about the 9:30 minute mark.
That would leave 2.5 minutes for as many MUs as possible; hopefully one every 10 seconds.

10 wall ball shots every 30 seconds for about 6 minutes, then fell off the timing a bit.  Did the last 20-25 wall ball shots in sets of 5 for the purpose of resting a bit for the Dus.  Finished "Karen" in about 8:45.  
Double unders went about as expected... did them in about 5 sets but faster than planned and finished at the 10 minute mark.
Got 8 muscle ups in the remaining 2 minutes.  First 3 done in about 30 seconds, missed one,  rested a bit and then got  5 singles dropping and resting after each one.  Score=248
Matt did the WOD later and beat me by one rep.

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  1. I'm honored!!! Although I'd be more honored if I was really taking home a fistful of those Benjamins...

    Oh and shout out to Jordan for helping me strategize that guess! I guess we could split the $3? Nahhhhh.