Sunday, April 14, 2013

Monday 130415 Time to Pay the Man

A fun Saturday started with a Bluffs trail run- including 3 x half mile repeats of hills and trails, the Yoga session was back on track at the 8:30am time slot and the 10am Team class did a partner combo of Grace+Helen+Karen.  And now, a photo recap of the results from the potluck:
Thanks for bringing lunch!
Many dishes from the 55 day challenge were shared including 5 spice turkey lettuce wraps, turkey chili, grilled salmon and shrimp, squash arugula salad, marinated flank steak, jalapeno almond hamburgers, asparagus salad and a number of  complaint desserts and sweets.
Cheers to Rich (and some others) for a "perfect" 605 points

Four of you finished the challenge with a PERFECT 605 points... some of you didn't even use all of your extra credit that was built up.  Nice work Dr Jo, Rich, Luke and Deana.  EVERYONE who finished the challenge had decreases in body composition.  All but a few of us did better on the post-WOD AMRAP.
Evidence based potlucking... time to call the tailor.
Monday's WOD: classes at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4 and 5pm.  Strength class at 6pm
Group 800m run and 10 Minutes hip mobility work
Basic barbell warm up
Squat Clean
3-3-3-3-3, building to a 3RM within 25 minutes
3 reps should be done in under 20 seconds (approx)- don't step away from bar
Post heaviest 3 rep set to chalkboard and journals.
800m run at 1 mile run PR pace (use clock to pace out time)
Post actual 800m time/goal pace to chalkboard... goal is for these 2 numbers to be the SAME

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