Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thursday 130411 WLC Post Test WOD

We begin each session today with the pink tape measure and bodyfat measurement. Try and show up for class a few minutes early so that those measurements can get taken BEFORE you warm up.  After you get your measurements... you can get right into an "on your own warm-up" while your coach completes all the measurements for the athletes in your class.  We will go through some mobility drills and a little bit of practice for the Friday WOD (the pic below gives you a hint at what is coming).

Then we will get into some movement prep for the 10 minute AMRAP.  And that is when all the benefits of the WLC and your regular CrossFit training will pay off.  Fifty-five days of strict attention to diet, daily mobility work for 10 minutes, attendance and hard work at the Hut along with those extra 10 minutes of movement on your "off days," remembering to take your supplements, and the additional practices and mindfulness that expand fitness into a more broadly defined realm that includes more than just doing more burpees faster!  

You have already WON!  Sure there will be a few people who take home actual, physical prizes like Rx JumpRopes, mobility tools, CrossFit Reebok gear, etc.... BUT- the real winners are those who have been able to develop a new repertiore in the kitchen, have created new habits surrounding eating and training, have seen the positive benefits of working towards a goal individually and at the same time given support and motivation to a large number of people... to say nothing about those who have changed body composition and increased physical abilities! Usually these physical targets are the only focus... but what has been attained here in the last 55 daus is so much more.

As you move on from the Challenge- keep experimenting.  Trying new recipes... removing or adding different foods and paying attention to changes in feeling or reaction.  Changing your work/rest training days.  Putting together new mobility routines to see which provide the best results or bang for your buck.  And maybe even join another WLC 55 day challenge to jump back on the wagon to see what else will be revealed.

Thursday's WOD: Whole Life Challenge Post-Test WOD and measurements
Class times at 6 and 9am, 4 and 6pm.  Fundamentals class at 8am.
Before class/during first 5 minutes of class- each WLC participant will get post-measurements taken.

As many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
800m run
25 KB swings (24/18kg)
50 Abmat butterfly sit ups
75 squats
Max rep burpees w clap and lateral jump over abmat.  
Post number of total reps to chalkboard/journals and to Whole Life Challenge blog- measurements get posted to blog too.
Easy 800 to 1 mile run
Post-WOD mobilization/foam roll

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