Thursday, December 3, 2009

Friday 091204 WOD- Look Familiar?!

For time:
100 squats
2 muscle-ups
80 squats
4 muscle-ups
60 squats
6 muscle-ups
40 squats
8 muscle-ups
20 squats
10 muscle-ups
Post time to comments.

Yes, this is very similar to the Hero WOD called "Jason."  Scaling this back is encouraged, it is an extremely tough workout!  Approximate "as Rx" finish times for elite athletes= 14-18 minutes, so scale it back to reflect this time domain.

In addition, you have some homework to do as well.  All members are STRONGLY URGED (this is one step short of being MANDATORY!) to read the Free CrossFit Journal entitled What is Fitness?  There is also a link to this on the right hand tool bar. 

The CrossFit Journal is a resource that EVERY CrossFitter should pay for and utilize.  There are hundreds of articles and videos with lectures, demonstrations and explanations on many topics: technique, mechanics, nutrition, Olympic lifting, gymnastics and much more.  It is only $25/year. 

You already commit to CrossFit by paying for membership, waking up early/getting home late, pushing yourself physically and mentally, and you KNOW the rewards make it all worthwhile.  Bump up your committment a few minutes a day by reading up on issues that you can be directly put into use to affect your health, fitness, and performance.  Subscribe now!

And no, I don't get any financial kickbacks... yet I do get smarter, more informed athletes who could be more inclined to reach their potential.  So I DO benefit as well!

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