Tuesday, November 30, 2010

101201 Wednesday 5k Run + Strength Class at 6pm

Run a 5k for time.
Post times to journals/chalkboards.
The course: Cross Creek to 24616 Old Malibu Road and back

Remember the NEW 6pm Strength Class with Ondrej... he will be covering specific aspects of the major lifts; deadlift, back/front squat, presses- focusing on one domain per class, addressing accessory and maintenance activites for these foundational lifts.  Come try it out... they will run every Wednesday at 6pm


Look how happy Finn is on his first bike.  This picture was taken in the first 10 seconds Finn hopped aboard and started pedaling his brains out.  And look at the sheer joy on his face!  Now reflect on your reaction to seeing today's WOD.  Did you groan?  Did you pout or roll your eyes?  As you head to class to do this run (or row if you must) think about the look on Finn's face.  Think about how lucky we are to be able to run, sprint, push ourselves physically and mentally.  Try and have this look on your face when you return to Cross Creek with your new PR.  Have fun.

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  1. 29:37 out here in Tulare. This is the second time recently that our programming has been on the same WoD on the same day, or the same WoD on two very close days... Great Minds and all that... Just saying.