Sunday, December 5, 2010

101206 Monday - Snatch/Pull ups

21-15-9 reps for time of:
44kg barbell Squat snatch
Chest to bar pull-ups
 Post times to journals/chalkboards.

On Saturday we dedicated the WODs to the memory of our friend Ted- who was killed in a tragic accident one year ago this week.  He was member #9 at CrossFit Malibu, an early adopter to the Hut and as typical for his visionary attitude- he had lots of plans to upgrade our newly opened gym!  We miss him very much and on Saturday did lots of work with KB, sled and sledgehammer, mixed with some reflection time on the fact that our time here is unknown... and our departure date is unknowable.  The 2 pood Kettlebell will be adorned with commemorative medallions in his honor... "Craftsmen, Fisherman, Friend"   Here are few pictures of the 6am- held at Surfrider Beach- and 10am workouts.


  1. I joined less than a month after Ted died, and I remember it making an impact on me how people talked about him, both those with whom he had been friends outside the gym and those who had only known him through CrossFit. That said something to me about the gym/CrossFit as well as him as a person.

  2. P.S. Post the rest of the pics to Facebook! I want to see more crazy people on the beach at 6am and people dragging sleds in the rain.