Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wednesday 101229 Run 800s/Trip Report #1

Four rounds, each for time of:
800 meter run
Rest as needed between efforts.
Post times for each round to journals/chalkboards.

Today's posting from Mike and Scott's "CrossFit Dirty South" Tour:

Scott and Mike arrived in Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon, picked up the RV and headed north of Hotlanta
for a surprise drop in on Matt and Tracy (visiting Tracy's parents for Christmas)! From there we headed to the nighttime WOD at CrossFit North Fulton... lead by Big Ed!  At CFNF, where the motto is "We're kind of a BIG deal,"we all thought straight off that our very own Brian would feel right at home :)

And in reality.. any visiting CrossFitter would feel right at home at CrossFit North Fulton.  Ed and a group of CFNF athletes were finishing up the WOD as we rolled up in the 19' Compact RV to the small office park.  A wide open box... rings, pull up bars, many small oly platforms and a rope!  We were felt right at home.  When their WOD ended we talked to the members about life in the area and the enthusiastically recommended a steak house and some advice on traveling in the south.

Although we were not able to meet owners Brad and Kim- our own Matt and Tracy have been able to do a number of work outs with them... and have great things to say about them!  In fact- they both took Kim's oly class earlier in the morning... nice double Matt!

The WOD was:
7 Rounds for time of:
185/125# Front Squats, 3 reps
7 L Pullups

And of course, being the sub-elite female athletes that we are... we scaled it appropriately!   An excellent way to start off the trip.  Post-WOD we hung out and talked to Big Ed about all things CrossFit- a very welcoming and helpful review of local gyms and places to visit.  Thanks Ed and congrats on your engagement!... getting married is KIND of a big deal!

Back at the house, the RV parked in the driveway with the heater running all night to prevent the pipes from freezing- us ready to fall asleep... only so that we can get up and head to another box with Matt and Tracy!   If this inaugural visit is any indication of the upcoming trip- we are going to have a VERY good time.

Bags loaded... notice atlas stone molds!

would YOU rent this man an RV?

Scott, Big Ed and Matt showing the colors

Kind of a big deal.


  1. I hope it is pouring tomorrow. I expect some fast times. I can't wait to finish my last Tabata. My whining and crying have been all time. And it absolutely has worked. I figure after ROM month and Tabata weakness we will have Thruster into the new year for January. Can't wait. Thank you Mike for creating such a wonderful place like the hut. 7 months in and you still have me coming back for more. Happy New Year to you all!

  2. Thanks Lee! Way to go in the rain today... Brave soldier. And I trust you hit those Tabata pull ups hard just one final time:). Look forward to more strength power and health in 2011! And thruster-January sounds interesting!!