Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday 110401 Heavy Curls

It is always inspiring to see pictures of CFM athletes in action- pictures of us at the apex of a box jump with full hip extension...with hip crease below knee cap with a heavy medicine ball racked up ready for a 10 foot flight... or as we have witnessed all week... loaded barbell overhead in the ultimate display of strength. 

It is also fun sometimes to see what comes AFTER "time!" is called and the WOD is over.  Here are some aftermath shots from the Games Open WOD #2.  Join us on Saturday, 8:30am if you still want to do WOD #2- this will be the final heat.  The 10am Saturday standard group WOD will follow.  And likely- lunch at "CrossFit Park" will too!

 BBQ begins at 5pm (during the final class).  We head over to SuckerPunch at 6:45pm

Friday's WOD
Barbell/Preacher Curls
Post loads to journal/chalkboards.


  1. So glad we are now doing some more traditional gym workouts. I PR'd on that preacher curl this morning. Nice. I think the jazzersize at the Saturday Group WOD is a nice addition as well. Way to go Mike.