Friday, April 15, 2011

Saturday 110416 Relay for Life

Here is the Saturday list of events/classes:
8am- Pepperdine Track; Jessica teaching a big CrossFit class to Pepperdine Students
830am- At the Hut Sectionals WOD 11.4
10am- Pepperdine Track; Jessica teaching a CFMalibu WOD at the Pepperdine Track.

Pepperdine Directions:
Drive up the John Tyler entrance... the track is about 3/4 mile up John Tyler on the right side after the baseball field.  Park in any legal space, you might have to sign in/sign a waiver to enter the track area.  CFM tent is set up on the edge of the track at mid-field overlooking the ocean.  Have a great Saturday.
**any donations you are interested in making for the Relay for Life event will be collected at the Hut**

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