Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friday 110520 King of Squats

When you write your name on the WOD schedule board for a given time/day, you are making a commitment.  One- a commitment to yourself that you will get in and work hard.  Two- a commitment to the other athletes in your class/on your team that you will be there to struggle alongside them, pushing them as well as supporting them.  Three- a commitment to the coaches that you will be there to continue making progress.  Simple- sign up, show up, work hard, cheer loudly.  The 9am class displays this spirit regularly, a great example of the commitment they make on Monday Wednesday and Friday... so much so that this little note to the other Peace Love and Power 9am-ers means a lot!
Show up, work hard, reschedule infrequently.
The congratulatory T Shirts arrived yesterday for those13 individuals who completed all CF Games Open WODs for the CFM Family Team.  Tracy, Kendra, Jessica, Jonny, Mike, Lee, Luke, Damon, Rob, Scott, Curt, Tom, and Matt.  Thanks for the effort, the persistence and the contribution. Your shirt is labeled... pick it up at the Hut before your next WOD.  Wear it often.  Wash it about as often.
New 5kg plates!... do you like the new prototype t-shirts?!
Friday's WOD
Overhead Squat
1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Post loads to journals/chalkboards. ... and try the 8# med ball agility drill


  1. Not sure that was an excused absence. Lucky for sharla...wendy volunteered to do extra burpees to cover for her. And yes we need to see the doctors note. LR

  2. I have missed so many workouts since school and dating started. Makes me very sad. My gf gets sick of hearing me moan about it. (Speaking of which, I'm missing today due to a make-up class for Deep Tissue. =( Somebody do an extra OHS or two for me!!) School doesn't end for months, so it could be a long year. Hopefully it will start bearing fruit for the gym soon though; I'd like to start bringing my table to Saturday WODs in a few weeks.

  3. Bring your table... but more importantly... bring your girlfriend!