Sunday, May 1, 2011

Monday 110502 Row/Push

In May we begin a more targeted focus of Louie Simmons’ Westside Barbell method that will build on future weeks’ work.  These hour-long sessions focused on strength development are open to everyone looking to gain a bigger foundation in fundamental strength. The schedule is:
Mondays 6pm- Presses and Wednesdays at 6pm- Back squats... with follow up sessions in the daily WODs on Thursday/Friday. Choose your weakness, or choose to attend both classes.  Regardless,  put it on your schedule and expect to gain some strength this month.
How'd Ondrej get so strong?.... Strength classes!  Come see him today at 6pm.
 Monday WOD
Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
Row 250 meters (and perhaps a few SDHPs)
25 Push-ups
Post number of rounds to journals/chalkboards.

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  1. Thats so much weight;/... Ah, You da man Ondrej!!! Love the strength classes..