Monday, May 30, 2011

Tuesday 110531 End of May WOD

Hope your Memorial Day Weekend was great... lots went on at CrossFit Malibu.  We started out with Just Kristin leading yoga... a precursor to the killer "100s" WOD which left many in pain, some with blood on their hands.  A tough one.  The Hike on Sunday was amazing- such great weather on the Backbone Trail even in the midst of a SUPER windy day.  Monday we paid respect to Fallen Soldiers and other who have given their lives in service to our country...  a good turn out for our Hero WOD, "Abbate".

Advance notice for Wednesday night strength class at 6pm.  This is the last day of the May Strength Cycle.  Ondrej will run a "1RM post-test" type class for both presses AND back squatsLast week Scott went thru the roof with a 15kg PR!.... These strength classes REALLY work. So those of you who missed the back squat finale last week AND those in the Monday night class... be there on Wednesday!  The June Cycle will be announced in the June Newsletter coming out soon.
Windy days in NorCal are FUN!
Tuesday 4:30pm at the Bluffs Ball Park: CrossFit Malibu Angels in a Do-Or-Die semi-final game!

Tuesday's WOD
Snatch Balance
"Mini GI Jane"
50 Burpee Pull Ups for time
Post loads and time to chalkboards/journals.

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