Friday, July 1, 2011

Saturday 10am WOD 110702 Interval Helen

10am Group Class is the final session of the long weekend, so try and make it!
The WOD is a unique, fast paced interval version of Helen.

How'd the box jumps go on Friday?
Happy 4th of July- we are closed on Monday and are back open for regular classes beginning Tuesday morning at 6am
New strength cycles start back up on Wednesday the 6th- Jerks and Monday the 11th- Cleans
We are organizing a special Clean and Jerk Final Night in August, so start attending these 6pm classes; they REALLY work.  Check the chalkboard for Bench and Deadlift improvements from June.

July 9th Summer Fest Party invites sent out on FB... hope you can make it.  You can invite friends and family.  Kicks off with 8:30am yoga and progresses to 10am Team WOD, then name your own!  Eat tacos, drink, and set some PRs.  Free for everyone- it's an open house!

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  1. Great effort at the Friday morning 7, 9, & 10 am classes. The effort put forth was inspiring.