Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thursday 110901 Squat Push Dip

An excerpt from the upcoming September Newsletter soon to be released:

Coming on Wednesday September 7th at 7pm...Kick Off to the Fall Fitness Fiesta… even if you are only 90% confident that you are ready to take the next step towards becoming more fit than you have ever been.  Then SHOW UP!  There will also be some appetizers served as well.
After the strength class next Wednesday we will embark on a Season Long Journey, taking the first step towards complementing the fitness gains you have made via CrossFit.  This big-picture program that will take you to the next level begins in just one week!  Put it on your calendar, cancel other appointments, get a babysitter for the kid/s.  This is a LONG paragraph- commensurate with the importance of this event!

Thursday's WOD- 6, 9am and at Pepperdine Alumni Field at 4 and 6pm
Six rounds for time of:
35 Squats
15 push ups
10 dips
Post scaling and time to journals/chalkboard.

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