Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wednesday 110817 More 21-15-9!

An inside view of my day at CFM yesterday.

Hit snooze MANY times, twice as often as usual but still in the early 5am time frame, quick morning energy smoothie, in time to write the WOD on the chalkboard and open the Hut for the 6am class.  Witness PRs across the room- a few as many as 50% increases. I love that. Participate in 7am yoga class, really relaxing and lots of openness. Thought during savasana, "Don't people know they are missing this?" Hour break at Malibu Kitchen for coffee, breakfast (better if CFM members had joined me) and a quick scan of various CF gyms' blogs: LAX, LA, Santa Cruz Central.... CFSCC, now that's a line up of instructors I'd like to take some classes from.  Set up for 9am class; CFM mom picks up another CFM mom's kid for babysitting at CrossFit Park (Malibu Country Mart) while the other trains- maybe they are on a rotation! 
Charlotte counts mom's strokes during 500m warm up.
10am Elements 3 session with Ironman Triathlete- solid mechanics... what CF and CFE will do for her health/fitness AND her race times!  Over to CFM member's house for an unannounced CFM Home Visit.  Keep in mind that I do these once per year to make sure your homes are CFM compliant.  This house was VERY compliant: abundant home garden (check), CF WOD-friendly backyard (check), keg-r-ator (double check!).  Back for the 4pm class- great Front Squat skills review and lots of progress... love going back over the basics.  At 5pm our next door neighbor venio un poquito tarde por la clase a las 4, por eso el lo hizo "Jackie", el WOD de ayer- and a very great Rx time as well!  Final class with the Concigliore's Father-in-Law learning to front squat like an animal... and the high school crew- making progress all the time.  Finish off with a few personal PRs on the day's WOD done with the Concigliore himself.  Recovery shake, home, dinner, post next day's WOD, bed (soon).  A day in the life... can't wait for tomorrow.

Wednesday's WOD... plus Underground Strength Class at 6pm
21-15-9 reps for time of:
24" Box jump
35/25kg Power snatch
Ring Push up
Post times and scaling to journals/chalkboards.

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