Monday, August 15, 2011

Tuesday 110816 Front Squats, Plus

If you attended the Saturday Team WOD you know that you had to do lots of Wall Ball Shots (WBS).  A key feature to the WOD was that if the WBS reps were broken in any way-like with a rest break, broken rhythm, or dropped medicine ball- it resulted in an immediate burpee penalty.  And a pretty severe penalty at that!  For those doing 15 reps of WBS... if you broke up the rhythm on the 3rd rep, for example, the penalty was 12 burpees.  If you rested after 11 reps, a 4 burpee penalty... understand?  

Surprise, surprise:  very few athletes EVER were penalized because they rarely broke up the WBS!  On Saturday, almost everyone, across 10 rounds of WBS went unbroken.  That says a few things.
1).  You can do more Wall Ball Shots unbroken than you thought you could.  2).  When you are determined to do so (at least under penalty of burpees) you can make up your mind not to quit.  3). Wall Ball Shots are easy and we can either go shopping for 30# medicine balls or make higher targets!

Today, make a decision to push through the heavy squats.  Decide not to give up on each round of 5.  Fight through that last rep because you know you can do it.  Do it not because there is a burpee penalty, but because you know what it feels when you know you've given up too quickly.
Dr Deb hits multiple one-armed, pistol squatted wall ball shots

Front Squat
5-5-5-5-5 reps
A Finisher.
Post loads and finisher details to journals/chalkboards.


  1. I hear Dr Deb does triple-unders, one-handed, and uses the Hut roof for box-jumps. Confirm/deny?