Sunday, December 11, 2011

Monday 111212 Five Rounder

With Winter closing in... it is time to re-evaluate and re-commit to the current Fall Fitness Fiesta habits for TWO more weeks... and that will take us up through the end of 2011.  A few recent conversations with CFM athletes made it readily apparent that many of those habits have been well imbedded into your psyche- reminding you to drink water, getting you to bed earlier more regularly, and getting you in for the WOD-among other things.  It also was clear that some of the habits were still in the contemplation phase- "I have been thinking about doing the relaxation habit, but don't have time for that one," etc...
Here is what you can do TODAY: Go to the FFF Chalkboard- make sure you have all your habits documented in your box... and recommit to them for another week!  That means if you are ready to increase a certain habit-do that.  If it means that you need to decrease something- then do it, you'll still be holding yourself accountable more so that if you didn't recommit.

Family/Holiday Movie Night at the Hut- this coming Sunday at 5:30pm. Hot cider, snacks; bring the kids!
Hannah is back with us at the Hut.
Did you get the December Newsletter emailed to you?  If not- let me know!
Monday's WOD; class times at 7,9,10am and 5,7pm.  Strength class at 6pm.
Five rounds for time of:
6 Handstand push-ups
12 Chest-to-bar pull-ups
24 Weighted step lunges, 35 pound dumbbells
Post time and scaling to chalkboard/journals.

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