Saturday, January 7, 2012

CrossFit Malibu Trail Race Series- Event #1

Welcome to the CFM Trail Run Series.  The goal of these runs/races is to provide a (free) way to share the fun and adventure of trail running, to visit new local places, and to experience the vacation-like environment we live in.  It is also provides an outlet and a method for you to express the level of fitness you have- learn and play new sports, right?!  We have a WIDE array of participants- some have raced many trail races and for others, this will be a first.  Don't worry... just come, bring friends and family- and you will be supported and encouraged.

Our first race (run, jog, walk) begins at 8am, tomorrow- Sunday Jan 8th at the top of Corral Canyon.  Arrive at the end of the road dirt lot at 7:30am-it is long and winding 5.4 miles from Pacific Coast Highway and takes about 15 minutes to get there.  Keep going until you hit a dirt road... and continue on that dirt road until you reach the parking lot.  When you see the "End of County Maintained Road" sign... it means continue driving!
Backbone Trail at the top of Corral Canyon Road
A few points of detail/logistics/things to consider
You have 2 distances to choose from- a 5km fire road path, and a 5.5 mile course that also has a little bit of single track.  We will have a staggered start based on your 5k road run PR.

Bring a water bottle to carry with you (there will NOT be water stations on the trail).  Never know what the weather will be like up there- breezy with lots of sun or driving/frigid winds?  Prepare for either.

The terrain is fairly hilly with a wide variety of running surfaces- expect rock, sand, dirt, gravel and loose rock.  Wear running shoes... to be more specific, yet let you make the best decision for yourself- think about it this way: if a 3 rounds for time WOD came up that included 400m runs, box jumps and air squats- which shoes would you most like to wear?:.... WEAR THOSE!

Trails will be minimally marked- but will be pretty easy to follow, provided you pay attention to the route and the route markers.  Markers will vary between small stacks of rocks and white lines in the dirt (flour).  The course route will be explained before you begin the race... arrive at 7:30am so you have enough time to survey the area, warm up and get psyched up for the run.

Bring a snack/food/post workout recovery shake for after the run... we are all invited for coffee at David and Deb's house following the race... they live about 2 miles down the road from our race location.

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