Thursday, January 26, 2012

Friday 120126 Burpee Pullups and Shuttle Runs

Alex is an 8th grader at Malibu High School- he and his dad, Trevor, have been regulars with us for a number of months now.  They went through the Elements Series together and usually attend the afternoon classes together... when they are not skiing up in Mammoth.  Alex is off to a great ski racing start this year with 2 podium finishes, including a second place this past weekend.  He has 5 top 5 finishes overall early in the season and has put himself in a solid position to qualify for the junior olympics.  He will spend most of the next few months up at Mammoth training and practicing.  Trevor said that, "his improved strength and fitness has helped this year."  Best of luck Alex- keep up the hard work!
Alex racing towards the junior Olympics.

Friday's WOD: class times at 7, 9, 10am and again at 3 and 5pm.
Gymnastics Skill Work
For time:
20 Burpee pull ups
20 Laps Shuttle run (10m each way)
15 Burpee pull ups
15 Laps Shuttle run
10 Burpee pull ups
10 Laps Shuttle run
5 Burpee pull ups
5 Laps Shuttle run
Post times and scaling to journals/chalkboards.

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