Monday, January 23, 2012

Tuesday 120124 Run/Row, Flex, Extend

Gaby and Dulcie... could they be ANY happier?
You might have noticed that I posted the photo ABOVE this write-up, when usually the daily pic is placed right between the write-up and the WOD.  It wasn't an accident.  It was done so that your first glimpse of the site as you looked up the WOD was a picture of a pair of VERY happy CrossFitters.  It is self-evident, no?  How many times have you emerged from a training session feeling lighter and happier than you entered it?  Of course, that is NOT counting the post-WOD suffering bout.  We all know that the surge of accomplishment that follows this short period of recovery outshines the difficulties we encounter during the WOD.  Judging from this shot of mom and daughter you'd think that the DURING part of the WOD was pure bliss.  Perhaps by slightly altering our perspective- seeing how amazing it is that we are CAPABLE of doing what we do... we might all have at least a short burst of bliss DURING the WOD.  See if you can make it happen today!

Tuesday's WOD: 6 and 9am then again at 4 and 6pm.  OnRamp class at 5pm
For time:
400m Run
30 Scott Ups (on 2x25kg plates)
30 Hip Extensions (on benches)
500m Row
20 Scott Ups
20 Hip Extensions
400m Run
10 Scott Ups
10 Hip Extensions
Post times to journals/chalkboards.

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