Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thursday 120412 Nancy

Ok, a named girl WOD is up.  AND, This is a test.  If you have done Nancy before- be SURE to take a look at your previous times- checking also how you scaled it.  How long ago was it?  Even if you haven't- When was the last time you did overhead squats for multiple reps? How much and how many?  Has your one rep max OHS increased recently?  How has your shoulder mobility been? 

We will start classes off by pushing the sled around.  We have to generate some good heat before this WOD, especially in those early morning classes.  You likely already know what you need, personally, in terms of warming up the shoulders for overhead squats... so do it!  PVC pass throughs? Open/closed shoulders on the pull up bars?  Green band mobility work?  You will be given about 15 minutes to go at it on your own before we will all get into Basic Barbell Warm Up Progression.  If you have questions... we will definitely give you suggestions.  But think this through in advance and have a plan for the hour.  How will you get specifically warmed up for overhead squats?  What weight will you use?  What time are you shooting for?  Even... what shoes will you wear?  Remember... today is a test!
KK mid OHS, barbell right over the center of the foot.  Nice.
Thursday's WOD: 6 and 9am.  4 and 6pm.  NO Kids class- but we will begin again next week.
Sled push warm up
5 rounds for time of:
400m run
45/30kg Overhead squat, 15 reps
Post scaling and time to journals/chalkboard.

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