Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thursday 120621 Running DB Mini Fran

In Memory of Stephenie Glas, June 9, 2012
With sadness we mourn the death of our friend Steph- a firefighter, all around athlete, and community activist in Malibu. Our hearts go out to her family, boyfriend Steve, firehouse, and greater Malibu community where she was well known.  When Steph trained with us at the Hut, she always pushed so hard, anyone who didn't know her was hugely astonished.  You couldn't help but be taken back- but not just at the intensity- but by her sheer strength and athleticism.   I didn't know her until after CFM opened and she showed up and basically did everything Rx.  The only time she backed off was if it would get in the way of a shift at work.  She often rolled up to the gym at about 8am after being up all night at the firehouse in the Valley.  She took Girlie for a walk and then would come into the Hut, Drill baseball cap pulled down low, and nod with a "Hey Dude" to anyone she saw.  She'd go over to the chalkboard, look at the WOD, say "That's Gnarly," and then start warming up.

Damon remembers her finishing a WOD and then running alongside him yelling "encouraging" words as he struggled to finish.  Famously, one night, when asked how much weight she was going to use for a heavy barbell WOD- she looked at Scott and said, "I'm doin' what HE is doin." :) Steph always added a special toughness to the Peace Love and Power 9am class as well!   Lin, a friend of CFM who drops in when she is in town, had known Steph for a decade and randomly met up with her at the Hut after not seeing her for years.  It was great to see these two friends and athletes get a chance to reunite after many years... they had trained together back in the day at Gold's and at the beach.  If the surf or wind were good- Steph would take off right after training and head out to kiteboard.  We wish we had more time to train with you Steph.  Thank you for your service.  Rest in peace. 

Steph's funeral was held on Tuesday, June 19th.  A memorial Paddle Out will be coming soon in Malibu, as will a CrossFit Malibu Hero WOD, "Steph 6-9-12"  Donations in her honor can be made to the Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemen's Fund.

Thursday's WOD: classes at 6 and 9am, 4 and 6pm.  Kids class at 3:15pm.
Fundamentals class at 8am.

OMW- Ring dips or bar dips (or static holds for time- max accumulated seconds)

Deficit Deadlifts
10 minutes to work with deadlifts standing on 10-25kg plates, 3 reps/round
Increase weight with each set.


“Running Dumbbell Mini Fran”
For time complete:
15 Dumbbell thrusters (40/25#)
400m run with one DB
12 Dumbbell thrusters
200m run with one DB
9 Dumbbell thrusters
100m with one DB
Post time to chalkboard/journals.


  1. My first WOD with a group starred Steph, one Scott-Up station over, giving me "encouragement" as well. And my main memory of the day that Jason Khalipa visited CFM has nothing to do with Jason, it was trying to keep up with Steph in the WOD. She scared and inspired the heck out of me. RIP Steph.

  2. I always loved when Steph and Girlie came to the hut. My first memory of Steph is pretty similar to Tom's. I was just starting out as an intern, and I had no idea who Jason Khalipa was. Mike said to me, "Do you realize that one of the fittest men in the world is watching you deadlift?" as I was huffing away trying to finish. I hadn't even paid attention to Khalipa...I was watching Steph and Lin zoom past me on those 400m runs. I think that WOD changed everything for me from then on out. I wanted and still want to be as strong as Fire Fighter Steph.

  3. One Of my First times coaching Steph Showed up for 1Rep Max Jerks. To this day I remember the intensity she brought to each lift and every attempt, not scared of failing and willing to try again and again to be successful.