Sunday, July 8, 2012

Monday 120709 Masters Events

What a GREAT time Saturday at the Powell's Going Away Party.  A BIG fun group WOD of 37 people followed by an exciting, crowd pleasing burner of hang power cleans and front rack carries.  Nick, from Golden State CrossFit blazed the record setting pace- but the party boy, Matt, wasn't TOO far behind!  By the way- if you need the name of the Taco Ladies to cater YOUR home party, just let me know- arent they amazing?!

Masters WODs have been announced! Check this page and see when you HAVE to be at the Home Depot Center to cheer Laurie on.  Notice that it seems that she will be performing/competing on Friday AND Saturday for sure- with cuts made on Saturday night.  OF course we hope to cheer her into the final on Sunday as well.
Please make yourself familiar with the logistics of the Games so that you have a plan for the weekend.  I hope that we can have a few volunteers to arrive at the HDC early on Friday morning to stake a claim in the tent city area.  We have at least 2 tents to pitch in that area- and we can leave our coolers and chairs there for the weekend.  It can act as out HQ for the weekend.  LET ME KNOW if you are willing to set up that space!
I can provide tents, chairs, and a few weights to hold down the fort.

We begin this week with a few of the masters WODs, so that you all get a feel for what Laurie will be doing!
Spectators awaiting the next Saturday Event.
New Strength Cycle Begins this week... Mond/Wed 6pm= explosive presses- push and split jerks.

Monday WOD at 7, 9, 10am and again at 5pm.  Strength class at 6pm and NEW OnRamp at 7pm.
Tabata your weakness 6 rounds
**Two Events from Friday Masters Competitions**
2 minute to find 1RM
Shoulder to overhead (from squat rack)
For time:
1k row
30 Cleans (50/35kg)*
50 Burpees
Post 1RM shoulder to overhead load and WOD finish time and scaling to chalkboard/journal.
*Masters 55+ weight is 30kg.

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