Monday, July 9, 2012

Tuesday 120710 Masters Chipper

For those who missed Monday's WOD... you know that we are doing some of the Masters workouts scheduled for this Fri, Sat, Sun at the CrossFit Games.  Today is no exception!... we will be doing a pyramid chipper.  Reps go up and then down of the same 4 movements with double unders at the TOP of the pyramid.  Masters competitors will not get to sub out a skill movement like DUs for singles- so why should YOU, right?  Well, sort of.  If you can get a few- then suffer thru all of them- just like Masters athletes will have to!  

More about The CrossFit Games this weekend.  For those of you who are not going to the Games because you dont have tickets, there are a number of options for you:
1.) buy a "limited access" ticket- still available as of my last check.  Fee is $30 per day.  Yup, they went UP!
2.) attend a possible internet viewing party... this might happen, stay tuned.  you can also watch them on the live internet feed
3.) write your name on the chalkboard with your phone number, include the days that you want to go.... there COULD be some ticket fairies that provide you with tickets.  You wont know if you dont write down your name!

Finally- thanks to the Corral Canyon/Malibu Bowl Crew who volunteered to set up our 2 tents and some chairs in TENT CITY.  This is- Priscilla, Deb, David (and their visitors Johnny and Jessica!)  Contact them when you arrive on Friday morning and you can bring your food and beverage filled cooler to store at this site for the duration of the Games.  The tents will be up overnight.  And while there will be plently of vendors onhand- why not bring your own!  See this overview of the stadium and areas.
Here is some intensity for you!
Tuesday WOD at 6 and 9am, again at 4 and 6pm.  Foundations class at 8am.  No Kids classes.
Tabata TWO weaknesses 3 rounds each: AAA, BBB 
Masters Chipper
10 Deadlifts (100/75/65*kg)
20 Pull ups
30 Box jumps (28/24/20"*)
40 KB swings (24/20/12*kg)
50 Double unders (NO singles as sub, unless you have ZERO DUs!)
40 KB Swings
30 Box Jumps
20 Pull ups
10 Deadlifts
A 17 minute CUT OFF will be implemented.
Post finish times to the chalkboard.  A penalty of 1 second per each unfinished rep is how you score a WOD that was cut off due to the 17 minute cut off.

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