Sunday, July 29, 2012

Monday 120730 Kind of Jackie-ish

Reminder that there is NOW a 4pm class on Monday afternoons!  Due to the overwhelming demand- as indicated simply by having SO many athletes at the 5pm slot on Mondays- a new class is added.  We will try it out starting today and run it through the month of August.  If attendance is good, it will be set in stone.

Also- Coach Ondrej will be on a long vacation in the home-land for most of August.  So get in here this afternoon for a  double down of the WOD and 6pm strength!
Tasha pulls through WOD 3 of 4 in the CFM Open IV last week
Monday WOD times at 7, 9, 10am then 4 and 5pm, Final Strength Class of July, 6pm
Tabata Your Weakness Post test-- time to test out your month-long journey with Tabata warm ups
A-A-A-A then rest 2 minutes before
Record Post test scores to chalkboard and Pre/Post PRs to PR board!
For time:
1000m row
40/25kg thrusters, 25 reps
30 power push ups to 20/10kg bumper plate
Post finish time and scaling to chalkboard.

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