Monday, July 2, 2012

Tuesday 120703 Little and Big Tabatas

Upcoming Event this Thursday at 4:15pm: CrossFit Malibu Knitting Team Outing
The group is meeting in front of Malibu Theater for a screening of the movie BRAVE
no rsvp needed- just show up: corner of Cross Creek Road and Burgess Meredith Way
Merida probably does CrossFit
Carolyn and Jason- DB split jerk/sprint WOD last Saturday.
PRs all over the place last month!
Lots of repeat names on the June PR board- everything from Overhead squats to 5k run times going down.  Some notables: Luke went from 84 to 90kg... then increases to 95kg on the back squat.  WHAT?!!  That is what happens when you go to strength class and work hard!  Julia makes huge leaps in her foundational squats as well.  Sherry blows back against a recent birthday with her first kipping pull ups EVER!  Her goal was a pull up by the end of June and she made it with over 24 hours to spare!

Tuesday's WOD- classes at 6 and 9am, 4 and 6pm.  No Kids Class today!
Tabata Your Two Weakness
2 sets of 20 second max reps, 10 second rest- with Weakness #1
2 sets of 20 second max reps, 10 second rest- with Weakness #2
Eight rounds max reps of:
20 seconds Deadhang pull ups, 10 seconds rest
20 seconds Clean and jerk (65/45kg), 10 seconds rest
Notice: This is a different rep scheme than above!
Post number of total reps for each movement along with scaling to journals/chalkboard.


  1. Strength class = Ondrej's lab rats. I barely did CrossFit from spring 2011 to May 2012 and have already set four PRs since returning, all in movements from the strength classes. That "2KG" back squat PR is actually 20KG over what I had a month ago, and I got it minutes after doing a squat-heavy met-con. In closing, if you don't do Strength class, either you hate results (lame), or you refuse to hold your boss's kid hostage pending improved schedule (please examine priorities), or you prefer fingernails on a chalkboard to the music (semi-legit). Realign head and see you on Wed night.

  2. Carolyn, congrats on your great form and your acceptance into Harvard.(In that order per Tom, priorities) While one must assume Harvard was your safety school behind Northeastern, it’s still a wonderful achievement :)

    I must have been on my 1st rep here, barely a drop of sweat.

  3. The music is necessary to keep the Rats motivated

    PR Setting Lab Rat #5

  4. Hey sweaty guy. I am sure Northeastern was as safe a bet as Santa Monica City college. Though sounds like a good name for an airline. What is the mascot name? The winds?

    1. Northeastern checked in at a solid #62 in the national rankings this year! Just shy of the 23rd spot claimed by your beloved Trojans. Harvard BARELY edged us both out at #1.