Monday, July 23, 2012

Tuesday 120724 My Mom's Bday WOD

Congratulations to us!  This marks our ONE-THOUSANDTH blog post- and ALMOST 1,000 WODs that have been completed at the Hut since our opening in September of 2009.  In our three years of service, try and estimate how many squats have been completed, how many burpees have been burped, how many pull ups have been cranked out.  

I estimated roughly the following:
squats of all kinds within workouts, not including warmups but, including thrusters= 540,000 squats
burpees of all kinds= 90,000 burpees
pull-ups of all kinds within workouts, not including warm ups, including chest to bar=360,000 pull ups

I also estimate that this would produce enough energy to keep the Hut's air-conditioner running all summer.  Of course, that is only a theory... in more than one way!
"I have a suggestion for you... how about you CRUSH this thing"
***Progenex anyone?  A few of you have asked when the next order would be taking place, so let's start a list.  Remember that to get a really big discount, plus free shipping- we need at least $1000 in orders, that means roughly 20 bags of powder.  If you want to get in on a 30% discount- sign up on the list on the chalkboard!***

Tuesday's WODs: 6 and 9am, 4 and 6pm.  8am Fundamentals only class.  
Tabata your weakness: AAABBB
Hang Squat Snatch
"Farmer Mile"
4 rounds for time of:
200 m farmer carry 2x45/25# weights (one DB, one plate)*
12 push ups
12 DB snatch
200 m farmer carry 2x45/25# weights (one DB, one plate)
12 burpees over DB
Post time and loads to chalkboard.

*The intention here, is that you carry two objects that weigh the same, or close to the same weight- that are NOT the same shape.  One 45# dumbbell and one 45# metal plate would be perfectly paired.
And OF COURSE, the carry can be a run/jog/shuffle/walk... at some point it will likely be some of each.
The carry is OUT to the intersection, where you will do the push ups and DB snatches (on the sidewalk please!), followed by a carry back to the Hut where you can do burpees with a jump over the DB (no overhead clap necessary).  You can do the burpees on the outside mats or in the small room.

Reminder of the UPS Rule- weights are ONLY to be placed on the ground, not dropped or thrown to the ground. Gently, gently.

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  1. Congrats CFM! Just think, all that work was once a team WOD known as "Finding dinner and avoiding being it."