Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wednesday 120725 Squat/Press Row

Congrats to us!  This is our one thousand and first blog post. Moving on...

Monday 4pm class will be added from now through the end of August.  If you love that.... please let us know by attending the class!  If attendance is high- that class will stay on the schedule.  Monday 5pm WOD has been really full at an average of 13 athletes/class for the last 6 weeks.   So this is a step in lowering the size of that class AND giving more options for those who need early afternoon classes.  This is also a plea to SIGN IN each and every time you attend a class.  Data from these sign in sheets is used to decide when to add new classes.

We have lots of family members as CrossFit Malibu athletes.  Pictured above are Priscilla and her youngest daughter, Manali.  The MacRaes, including husband/father Holden, were among the first members AND first families to join us.  Since then we have attracted family members in varied combinations.  Here are some:

Spouses and kids- Leanne/Curt/Matthias/Hannah, Dan/Nanette/Odin/Hunter, 
Parent/Kid- Wendy/Jane, Trevor/Alex
Spouses- Kendra/Scott, Matt/Tracy, new members Bo/Christine, Erik/Sarah, Nils/Sharla (and for 2 years Olivia/Page), David/Deb, Lee/Alison, Linda/Steve, Mike/Kristin (have you met them yet?)
Siblings- Lisette/Monique
In Laws- Lorie/Sarah M

Most of the aforementioned started at CFM with only ONE member of the family and then at some point (weeks for some, years for others) another member was convinced/forced/persuaded/cajoled/nudged to try it out.  This is NOT (ncessesarily) a plea to bother a loved one into joining us... but I'm just sayin- it is a wonderful bonding moment each evening to check the daily blog post together to see what tomorrow's WOD will be :)

Wednesday's WOD- 7, 9, 10am and again at 5pm.  Strength Class at 6pm.

Tabata Your Weakness: AAAABBBB
Muscle Up Transition Practice 8 minutes
For time, complete 10-1/1-10 reps per round of:
Front Squat and Push press (50/35kg)
With 300/250m row imbedded somewhere AFTER 10th rep of Front Squat 
and BEFORE the 10 reps of Push press.
3, 2, 1, go.... 10 front squat, 1 push press, 9 front squat, 2 push press, etc
First come first serve on rower.
Post time and load to chalkboard.

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