Friday, August 24, 2012

Saturday Beach WOD 120825

Saturday 9am WOD and Back To School Beach Day

As advertised just about everywhere for the past 2 weeks... the Saturday WOD will take place at Zuma Beach and will begin at 9am.  Nothing going on at the Hut!  No, not even yoga :)

Head to Zuma, pass Busch Drive... then you have 2 options in getting here:
This is where it will ALL go down for the Saturday WOD.
 (1). Go in the pay parking lot with the big ZUMA sign out in front... drive about 100m, do a u-turn at the bathrooms, then head into the big lot back in the direction of the entrance.  Park there... you will see about 10 volleyball courts in the sand.  We will meet there (unless there is a movie shoot or other filming taking place there- which, since we live in Malibu, is a real possibility!)

(2).  Continue to Morning View or so- do a u-turn or otherwise get going the opposite direction on PCH, then park for free on PCH near the guard gate at Zuma's main entrance.  Meet us as the courts.

Out of towers: Drive about 7 miles on PCH north of Pepperdine, pass Heathercliff Dr, go down the hill (for about 0.5 miles), then see the entrance to ZUMA beach on your left.

One reason we are meeting an hour early is to beat beach traffic... the other reason is to take eminent domain over a sand court.  Ok... so you got there easy enough?  Hopefully you prepared by bringing:

  • WOD clothes- something that is totally fine getting wet in the ocean.
  • a change of clothes/beach day clothes
  • warm clothes- you KNOW how SoCal beach mornings can get in late summer
  • sunblock, water, hat, towel, and more water.  again- you live here, you know this.
  • Other beach gear like chairs and umbrellas...ready to spend some hours at Zuma... I mean, you got out here this early, you might as well stay for a while.
  • In that case- why not prepare a cooler with food, drinks, more food.
  • Water toys- fins, bodyboards, etc
  • Volleyball playing clothes... Monique... do you see this?!
IT will be a FUN and multi-part WOD... see you there :)

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  1. just wanted to let you know how much fun i had at the beach wod. if the whole crossfit thing doesn't work out, you would be a great cruise director! thanks for all the effort, and most of all your great ideas for fun! drdeb