Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wednesday 120926 Snatch Tech and 2 Miles

Last year on his Sept 21st birthday, after a few weeks at the Hut... AC set a goal that in one year he would be able to do a pull up.  One single solitary pull up was his goal.  This past Friday, on his birthday (by the way- Happy Birthday!) he did ALL the pull ups in Helen.  That's 36 pull ups.  Let me spell that out for you THIRTY-SIX.  The he came in yesterday and did Cindy... yes, more pull ups:)  Congrats AC on a huge accomplishment.  

And look at this amazing breakfast taco... guacamole from Serra Retreat avocados, smoked bacon, artisinal white cheddar from Vermont, hand pressed corn tortillas.  Priceless. 

Finally- here is the LOST AND FOUND for the last THREE YEARS... pick up your belongings from the Hut by the end of the week or you can shop for them next week at the Artifac Tree!

*And finally for reals- with dusty construction going on in the Annex beginning Thursday morning, please take your oly shoes/items on the back shelves home for about then next 10 days. Anything left on the shelves will be stored away for 10 days and will be available then. THX!

Wednesday WOD: class times at 7, 9, 10am and again at 5pm.  Strength class at 6pm
Skill work- 25 minutes technique work on Hang squat snatch/Power snatch, overhead squat
2 mile run for time (the course today is: 800m to library and back, then from Hut to PCH and over Malibu Creek bridge and back, then 800m library loop to finish off the final half-mile.)
Post 800m/ 1 mile/ 800m run times to the chalkboard/journals.

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