Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thursday 121115 Row Jump Hold

So, your physical fitness has increased.  You are faster and stronger.  Your endurance is becoming better as your body composition changes.  We have a pretty solid evidence that increasing your physical capacity also makes positive changes in cognitive functioning. In fact, Priscilla MacRae's research has to do specifically with this issue.  She and others are finding that intensity of exercise matters.  Just like we know intenstiy drives greater increases in performance, high intensity exercise might cause greater increases in brain power than does moderate exercise.  So keep it up!

Another way to maintain and even increase brain function it to exercise the brain.  Do more thinking, problem solving, learning something new.  Of coruse, puzzles, crosswords, Words with Friends (also called Scrabble in the pre-app days) and Sudoko are really accessible ways.  Language learning taps areas of the brain that are novel to that specific skill... and also serves a greater purpose.  I looked at Luminosity the other day- and they advertise their service as personal training for the mind.  It is actually pretty cool- with a number of different choices you can make to pin point area of cognitive functioning you want to improve.  They give a 3 free day trial.  I am on day 2... and might even try it out for a few months... to use alongside the Rosetta Stone program I have been using.  Maybe my Fran time will improve too!  
Haley learns toes to bar... in 8 seconds.
Thursday’s WOD: classes at 6 and 9am and again at 4 and 6pm.  Fundamentals at 8am.
Three rounds through 3 stations, for 4 minutes each of :30sec work/:30sec rest:
A.) Row, total distance
B.) Double unders, total reps
c.)  Ring L-sit/h-sit/static hold, total duration
Post totals for each station  (A+A+A meters /B+B+B reps /C+C+C seconds) to journals

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