Monday, November 5, 2012

Tuesday 121106 On a 15 minute running clock...

There are lots of reasons not to write a post on this topic...  here are a few:
1) This is a fitness blog- movie reviews/recommendations have nothing to do with fitness
2) None of us have any time to go to the movies... driving to 2nd Street in Santa Monica (the only place this one is currently playing), sitting around accomplishing nothing for 2 hours.  Waste of time.
3) Movies with titles that have a high glycemic index make me want to eat candy and, well... see point number 1.
Go see this movie
1) Total fitness includes the total person- not just physical, but mental, emotional, spiritual.  And this movie is one of the best movies and THE BEST TRUE STORY I have ever heard/seen.  So, yes, keep getting stronger and fitter- but don't neglect those other really important parts of a balanced life.
2) Make time.  No, seriously.  I would skip a Tuesday night 6pm WOD or a night out at a good restaurant or even get only 5 hours of sleep (last show tonight is 10:15pm!) to get the story inside me.  Like I said- this is a great movie.  It is one of the most profound stories ever.
3) And eat some M&Ms or something while you watch it.

Tuesday WOD: class times at 6 and 9am, 4 and 6pm.  Fundamentals class at 8am.
On a 15 minute running clock, complete:
Max reps KB swing in 2 minutes (2.0/1.25 pood)
-then continue immediately into...-
AMRAP in 11 minutes of:
5 medicine ball push ups (both hands on med ball)
10 wall ball shots (20/14# to TOP of pull up bar)
15 med ball sit ups (extended elbows- ball touches ground behind head- finishes with extended elbows directly overhead)
-then continue immediately into...-
Max reps KB swing in 2 minutes (2.0/1.25 pood)
Post total number of KB Swings AND total number of rounds/scaling to journals/chalkboard.

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