Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wednesday 121107 20 Minute running clock...

So you might recognize the "on a running clock, complete:" verbiage in today's WOD... as yesterday's WOD was of a similar style.  Let's do a little compare and contrast:
Yesterday- 15 minutes running clock, All work from beginning to end, 11 minutes AMRAP with a 5-10-15 rep count, begins and ends relatively heavy with some light/body weight medball work
Today- 20 minutes running clock, Includes a mandatory 3 minutes rest about mid-way AND has a work rest portion for the first 10 minutes, only a 7 minute AMRAP also with a 5-10-15 rep count, begins very heavy and progesses to one body weight and 2 moderate weight moves.

If you did yesterday's WOD- think through today's WOD with the intent of "feeling" what it will be like, how it will compare/contrast.  If you didn't do yesterdays WOD... well- the reason these 2 WODs werer programmed back-to-back was to give everyone a shot at at least one of these "on a running clock" style WODs. Enjoy it... and let's hear some feedback on what you think.
Synchronized Wall Ball Shots
Wednesday WOD: class times at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4 and 5pm.  Strength class at 6pm and OnRamp at 7pm
***4pm WOD new trial class time will remain on the schedule for November as long as you keep coming back***
On a 20 minute running clock, complete:
EMOM for 10 minutes of max reps push press in 15 seconds (70/50kg- taken off the ground)
-rest exactly 3 minutes and then continue into...-
AMRAP in 7 minutes of:
5 ring dips
10 goblet squats (60/40# singleDB)
15 Single DB ground to overhead (same weight as squat)
Post number of TOTAL reps push press AND number of rounds and scaling to chalkboard/journals.

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