Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wednesday 121128 Heavy presses

First things first:  Come support our own very Madison- music major/opera singer/well rounded all-around entertainer- in her junior recital at Pepperdine.  The free event is THIS coming Saturday night at 7pm.  Let's get out there in full force and give her the audience she deserves.  More info at the Hut. Notice that it also says "free food."
This Saturday, on stage- a CrossFit Malibu Production :)

What a day yesterday.  Many Many PRs on the back squat and many other solid performances.  While perhaps not all personal records- everyone came within a few kilos of past efforts.  Remember- PRs are not just a matter of will and struggle- sleep, diet, stress, training tiredness all impact what happens on a PR attempt day.  Moving on to today...

After getting warm with some run/row... we will move right into strict shoulder presses.  It will not take a 40 minute period to work up to a single maximal effort, but a half hour will be needed.  The game plan is the same as yesterday in terms of getting the body warm both in a temperature sense AND in a neural sense.  We will spend some time on that as a group.  Then we will also continue with the other "rules" of:  knowing where you are going, having a plan AND taking needed rest.

A little more info on the REST aspect.  Plain and simple... take your time moving up in weight and rest.  Even more so than yesterday- it is easy to get carried away and go up too fast on presses.  Be gradual in increasing weight.  Adding 10 kilos at a pop will have you spent after the warm up sets.  Take it slow!

Deb nails an 80 kg PR attempt!

 Wednesday WOD: class times at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4 and 5pm.  Strength class at 6pm.
Warm up with:
1000m row and an 800m run
Shoulder press
-rest at least 3 minutes between sets
-working up to a 1RM
Post 1RM shoulder press to chalkboard/journals... and PR Boards.

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